Before Buying, Know What You Want In Your New HOME!

Since, for most Americans, their house, represents their single, biggest, financial asset. Therefore, doesn’t it seem, to make very little sense, that, when people are ready to purchase their first HOME, or upgrade to a new one, they appear to often, do so, in a rather, haphazard manner. Wouldn’t it make more sense, if, before buying any specific home, we took the time, and fully considers, what we, personally, sought, and hoped for, in the place, where we will hang our hat? Obviously, we need to consider, economic and financial considerations, so we avoid the so – called, Money Pit, where we become house – rich, but overwhelmed by the obstacles and challenges. However, unless, we, also, fully consider, what we are looking for, and might make us happy/ satisfied, it doesn’t make sense, to proceed. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and makes sense, to consider, from the beginning of the house hunting.

1. Happiness/ healing/ heart; heating: Living, where you do, should bring you happiness, and self – fulfillment! It should bring you, a healing heart, and spirit! However, major systems of a house, must function effectively, and easily, such as heating, air conditioning, and other major and minor systems, which might impact, your enjoyment of the particular home!

2. Objectives; option; organized; opportunities: Before you begin, take an introspective, objective look. and fully consider your personal objectives, needs, goals and priorities. Which home options, might be most useful, in making you more fulfilled, and happy, living in a specific home? Observe how it is organized, and consider, if, it serves your needs, as is, or, might be easily adaptable (in a somewhat, inexpensive way), to do so! Consider, your immediate, as well as longer – terms needs, and purposes, and whether, you desire, to live there, for a temporary, or a longer period. Recognize those opportunities, this house might present, to serve your needs, in terms of the interior, exterior, neighborhood, school system, and other conveniences.

3. Motivating; meaningful; manageable: Is this house, manageable, or, would it overwhelm you? Is it worth, the effort? What is most meaningful to you, when you consider making this type of significant commitment? Your home must be motivating and inspiring, to your life, as a whole!

4. Energy/ energize; efforts; emphasis; excellence: Be realistic, but seek a degree of excellence, rather than settling, merely for, good – enough! What do you consider, your major emphasis? Is this prospective place, worth your efforts? Will it energize you, and meet your needs, goals, and aspirations, providing you with extra energy?

A house may not be a HOME. When it’s time to purchase one, seek a house, which you’ll make, a home, of your own!