Ten Tips to Choosing a House Plan – House Plans

When you are looking to build a home, you want to make sure that your home is exactly what you want. It needs to be the home that you envision in your head, which is why it is important to choose a house plan that you love. The house plan is the basis of your future home, so choose wisely. Also involve your home builder in the process when possible to get a much needed input from the beginning of your project.1. First, choose the style of home you want. Do you want a home that is simple, rustic, or something that fits your unique tastes? The style of your home will also be based on your budget. By knowing your style, you can determine your budget for the house plan. Your home builder can give you an estimate based on the house plans you choose so you know if the plans are within your budget.2. When you are choosing the number of rooms is to base it off of the size of your family and the needs of your family. If you are married with no kids, then a home that is four bedrooms will work because it gives you room for future children and guests. However, if you are married with six kids, you will need a home with around eight rooms.3. For your kitchen, determine what your needs are. Do you need a big kitchen where you can do a lot of cooking, or is it better to have a large dining room and small kitchen? 4. What features do you want in the home? Do you want a single-level house or a multiple-level house? Do you need room for entertainment, playrooms and more? How many rooms do you need beyond bedrooms? This is important to determine. Remember to stay within your budget.5. If you do not have a big budget, you should look at having a smaller home. A home that is 1,500 square feet will be much less to build than a bigger home. You can still fit in the things you want in a smaller home, and there will be less wasted space. 6. Have simple rooflines because these are much cheaper to build. Go for a simple slope, rather than something that is eye-catching and costly. 7. If you want to get some extra room out of your house plan, but do not have much money, then you should put in porches and bonus rooms. A garage can also help give you some extra room at a very low cost. In addition, a bonus room can be above the garage.8. Plumbing should be consolidated into a plumbing core. This will keep the costs down on the house plan. To do this, have a bathroom against a kitchen wall to keep things together. When looking at different house plans ask your home builder his suggestions on the design to assure you are within budget.9. Put in simple fixtures into the walls like bookcases, an entertainment center and kitchen cabinets. This will give you extra space that you can use without much of a cost.10. Depending on your location you may want to consider putting in a basement but this can be costly. Instead, have a slab foundation that will keep costs down.