Note: Lately this widget has been misbehaving. If it stalls on ‘connecting’, refresh the entire page and try again, it’s always worked on the second try.

Please highlight developers (start typing their name and press tab) to ensure they see your messages.

Ugly? There’s a solution!

The IRC client above is an iFrame. It’s not an Apple product, but a web object to put a web page in a webpage… webception! For security reasons, websites can’t just inject their own styles onto other websites in an iFrame. A web app, on the other hand, can. 

You can get a style for it here, at It will prompt you to install Stylish, a plugin for Chrome and Firefox users, which will allow you to run the style. If it has no effect, insure the style is enabled by going to the Stylish Style Manager and clicking Activate.

Now you can enjoy a seamless chat experience in the JKG web environment!