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Please read the following before submitting your application, and be sure to use the provided template when doing so or your application may be locked and disregarded.

Are you interested in joining the development team for Jedi Knight Galaxies? If so, and if you think you've got what it takes to help build and maintain the coolest mod/game ever, then we want to hear from you. All we require of you is to be active, dedicated, willing to work with the rest of the team, and somewhat of a perfectionist in your area of expertise. If you have a love for game development, a love for Star Wars, and think you meet the previously mentioned requirements, then please follow the template below and submit an application to join the team.

Create a new thread for your application here. Make sure to title the thread "YourName's Application" (eg. "Joey's Application"). If you want to look at a sample application first, check here.

After posting the application, we suggest you jump on our irc and try to contact one of the developers involved in your field of interest to make sure the application is reviewed and to get feedback. Following up helps show us that you're dedicated and serious about contributing to JKG.

Application Template:


[b]Best Method of Contact[/b]: (eg. Skype: [email protected])

[b]Availability:[/b] How frequently you will be available to help with development.  And when you can start.

[b]Area(s) of interest:[/b] (eg. Level design)

[b]Experience:[/b] (eg. studied spacial design at school)

[b]Why You Want to Work on JKG:[/b]

[b]Samples:[/b] Try to show us as much as you can, and make sure it is entirely your own work.  We suggest linking to a zip file containing all of your work samples (if it applies) or perhaps post pictures of your work using the "[img]" tags.

Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:46 am
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