The 509 Bandit

Hey everyone quick news update. is back online, it has been disabled for a few days due to the fact that we used up our monthly bandwidth allowance during the Launcher Test. Oops. You guys broke it! Good job, that’s what these tests are for. As a result, we’re currently working on finding some alternate file hosting solutions. Apparently we’d need about 250GB a month (at least), and finding this for free is proving to be a bit of a challenge. We have some promising ideas though for that and I hope to have some more news for everyone come mid-august. Because we don’t want to exceed our bandwidth again, I’ve temporarily disabled the launcher so you won’t be able to install JKG using it. However, you are welcome to use our temporary direct file install here and then edit the launcher’s ini config file if you want to use the launcher to play.

Basically if you’re installing for the first time what you’ll do is download the manual zip folder install. Extract it, then move the extracted contents to where you want to install (eg: c:\program files\JKG\)

Then, after installing the launcher you’ll need to edit the Settings.ini file located in the same file as the JKGLauncher.exe

Here is a sample of what those settings should look like if you’ve never installed using the launcher before:

Simply adjust the paths to point to the correct locations on your machine. The JKG install path is where JKG is installed (where you put the contents of the zip folder), while the JKA install path is where you have Jedi Academy installed (shouldn’t be the same). Media path is where you want screenshots and so forth stored. Keep in mind that this is very hacky and you don’t normally have to do this with the launcher, it is just if you would like to continue testing it while we have the install packages disabled.

Thanks for your patience and support, we look forward to seeing you in game!

-Also a special thanks to NightCrawler for his assistance with the post and support during this time!

Launcher Testing Begins

Hey everybody, Darth Futuza here with some good news: after many long w̶e̶e̶k̶s̶ months of procrastination I’ve finally finished fixing the Jedi Knight Galaxies Launcher.  This represents a pretty cool milestone for JKG, as we now have a way to continually push new content to users and have a way of getting it updated automatically whenever we release a new patch.  It was a lot of fun learning more about the Qt C++ library, and a bit frustrating, but the result is very much worth it.
What is the JKG Launcher?
It is a small update program used to get new content and patch your game, as well as adjust several game settings before entering the game (such as your resolution settings).
Back in ye olden days (read: September 2011) it looked like this:
Then Pande gave it a graphical update, and eezstreet and I started bugfixing it (unfortunately it didn’t get bug tested very much).  It then looked like this:
Unfortunately a lot of things happened during 2012, the main one being the fact that we moved back to from terrangaming.  This messed up a lot of things and the launcher needed to get updated to reflect the change.  I (and eezstreet) also saw this as an opportunity to fix more bugs, change it to support the openjk engine instead of traditional jka, add some features and in fine BREAK THE LIMITS!
So today you get a preview of the new launcher:
Young N Fresh
There’s just one last thing we need to do…  BREAK IT!  What do I mean?  This week we’ll be starting alpha testing of the launcher and next week we’ll beta test it.  If you’d like to participate in the alpha test, just hang out in our IRC channel ( ) and we’ll be passing out links.  Then just download and install JKG using the launcher, and try everything you can to make it break.  If you find a bug, report it and I’ll try to fix it before the beta test.  The following week we’ll begin open beta test and I’ll put a link up on the main site.  We hope especially to stress test our update server during this time, and ensure that everything will work as expected.  Once again everyone, thanks for your continued support of JKGalaxies and I look forward to seeing you in game.