Download available!

A release build is finally working! Note that this isn’t an official release, and there is still a lot of documentation to be written to go along with it.
Get it here.

To install, just extract to any folder (desktop/JKG/ for example), no ‘gamedata’ folder is needed any more. Add assets0-3.pk3 from your Jedi Academy install into the ‘base’ folder in the new JKG folder. That’s it – launch the .exe! If you have any issues running or understanding the above download, just drop by in IRC or shoot any of us a PM here on the forums – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Being just a testing release at the moment, just bring down the console and use devmap to load maps. Check the server list to see if the development server is online. Currently the included maps are jkg_ctf_bespin, jkg_coruscant_lower, and jkg_taris. 

The following commands may be new to you if you haven’t used JKG or OpenJK before:

/r_mode -2 : sets screen size to native resolution of your monitor.
/printWeaponList : useful for devmap to test out the myriad guns available

If you find a bug, let us know on IRC or the forums and be as descriptive as possible. Thanks!

JKG Weaponry Update: Jawa Ion Blaster

Texture for the Jawa Ion Blaster (as seen in A New Hope), could do with a few more details but again, like the ee3, I focus first on making the base materials and then will revisit with adding doo-dads. The fun part of this gun was adding that sanded down look and matching the specular to it. I think it came out pretty well. Model by Psycho.


An ion blaster bolt disrupted electrical systems and melting fuses, destroying circuits and effectively rendering any kind of technology useless. The prevalence of assassin droids and war droids during and after the Great Sith War resulted in the creation of advanced ion weapons to combat them. Ion blasters were developed following HK-01′s Great Droid Revolution, and continued to be useful weapons against mechanized forces. They were used by Galactic Republic soldiers to combat threats such as the technology-reliant Mandalorians and their droids, as well as the battle droids of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Most Ion weapons did little damage to organic enemies, though the more powerful cannons could seriously injure or kill a living creature due to the raw power of the blast.

Below you can view the model in 3d – just give it time to load the textures.